Soak up the indigenous culture

Are you a first-time visitor to Canada? In that case, we want to welcome you to our unique country. There are so many different things for tourists to see and do here, it might be daunting to decide where to start. A good way to immerse yourself straight into the Canadian culture is to learn about the native tribes of Canada.

Tourist experiences with local tribes

There are many different ways to learn about the different Canadian tribes. A good way to experience their culture and heritage is to visit one of the many festivals and events organized each year by local communities. If you are heading up north during summertime, don’t miss the great Norhtern Arts Fesitval. This festival is held in the territories that have traditionally been home to the Inuvialuit and Gwich’in people. Here you can enjoy many different forms of art and music created by the indigenous people.

Another important event if you want to learn more about indigenous peoples is National Aboriginal Day, which is celebrated each year on June 21st all over our country. No matter where in Canada you happen to be on this day, there will certainly be celebrations that you can take part in as a tourist. On this day we celebrate Canada and it’s diverse population.

Experience nature and local tribes in parks

If you want to combine your indigenous experience with beautiful nature, head to one of the national parks or heritage parks. Kejimkujik National Park offers hiking and camping opportunities for everyone who loves nature, with the extra benefit of discovering stone carvings made by the Mi’kmaq People. Another option is to visit Tombstone Territorial Park. Here you can discover archeological findings like tools and burial grounds from First Nation tribes.

Another cool destination is Wanuskewin Heritage Park, a place where indigenous people have gathered to hunt for thousands of years. Here you can walk the trails that people have used for generations, and learn about the culture, history, and nature of this place. You will learn about the First Nations people through dance, stories, and art. You could even choose to stay the night in a tipi tent for the full experience.

Canadian Native entertainment

The native Canadians have also become a big part of the entertainment industry. You can experience this by visiting a Native casino, which in many ways works like a regular one The big difference is that the indigenous groups have tied their heritage into the environment. Many of them are designed with their particular tribe culture, which allows for a really cool experience for all that attend these. It undoubtedly creates a whole new appreciation for the native culture.