The indigenous community throughout Canada contributes to the country on many different levels. One industry that they have entered into with great success is the casino industry. There are several very exciting on-land casinos, owned and operated by the native Indians in Canada, such as:

  • Ontario: Casino Rama, Great Blue Heron, Golden Eagle
  • Manitoba: Aseneskak Casino
  • Alberta: River Cree Resort and Casino, Dene Casino, Eagle River Casino, Grey Eagle Resort and Casino, Nakoda Casino
  • British Columbia: Casino of the Rockies
  • Saskatchewan: Dakota Dunes Casino, Living Sky Casino
  • Manitoba: South Beach Casino


First Nations Rights

Since 1985, the Canadian government has allowed the provinces to regulate the gambling activities within their provinces. But, it was not until during the 1990s, that reservation land was considered for the operation of casinos. An important year was 1995 when the First Nations Gaming Act was formed and signed into law under the First Nations Governments of Saskatchewan.

The Growth of Indian Casinos

Once the act came into play, other provinces followed suit and allowed for casino operations on many reservation lands. The Indian casino industry grew in leaps and bounds. Each of them is profitable, with Ontario and Alberta being the most profitable.

The Biggest of Them All

Each of the Indian casinos varies in size, and what they have to offer. But, if one wants to go to the biggest of them all, then it means a visit to River Cree Resort and Casino. Some of the highlights of this casino are:

  • More than 1000 slot machines
  • 40 table games
  • OTB Sports Betting
  • Two hockey rinks of NHL size


The Province with the Most Casinos

For those that are seeking to spend some time in the province with the most casinos, then it means a trip to Ontario. Here, there are about 30 casinos, but only three of them are native owned and operated. Out of the three, Casino Rama is considered to be the most successful, but that doesn’t mean that the Golden Eagle and Great Blue Heron are not.

What Are the Native Canadian Casinos Like?

Anyone is welcome to play at the native Canadian casinos, provided they are of legal age, which can vary by province, but in Ontario, the age is nineteen.

While each of the casinos all pretty much offer the same casino games, the environments for each of them are entirely different, but every one of them is beautiful. Some have really capitalized on their Indian culture, and this is depicted in the infrastructure, as well as the décor. It really sets the scene for fun and excitement, which is expected. The facilities are immaculate and well managed. Some have entertainment centres attached to them, where they can support the arts.