Welcome to our information site about the indigenous people here in Canada. The different tribes that live in our country are an important part of our history and culture. To help you understand more about Canada and its diverse population we have gathered information on this site about the indigenous people who have lived here for many generations.

The Different Tribes of Canada

Here we will guide you through the rich culture of these people, and we aim to give you insight in to their unique world. We will also give you information about the differences and similarities of the different tribes that live here. This encompasses the Inuit and the Metis, as well as First Nations tribes. We are extremely proud of all three of these, and this site is also dedicated to bringing awareness of how some of these tribes are contributing to the economy of Canada right now.

Canadian tribes in the economy of today

The Canadian tribes form a vital part of our cultural heritage. But they also contribute to the economy of our country in many different ways. Read more on this website to discover exactly how the indigenous people have helped our economic growth over the years. Anyone interested in the different industries that these people are a part of should continue reading on this website. The tribes form a natural part of the tourism sector and there is a growing interest from visitors to Canada to learn more about these people and their culture. You can read more about this in other sections of the website.

Have fun and try something new

Read about how you can experience the culture of the Canadian tribes, and have fun at the same time. The tribes contribute to the economy in many ways, not only in the tourism sector. They are, for example, an important part of Canada’s entertainment industry. You can learn more about this in other parts of the website.

Staying Safe in Canada

Safety is always important to think about. On this site, you will also have the chance to read about the different safety aspects that are important to think about when visiting Canada. This is especially important to think about when experiencing the local entertainment industry. Canada is, in general, a very safe country, and we are sure that after reading the information on this site you will feel safe when visiting us.

These are the main highlights of what you can expect from this site, that has made its primary focus the indigenous people of Canada, further highlighting the success they have had in the entertainment industry. Hopefully, you will enjoy all the information here, and be inspired to visit our beautiful country and learn even more about our cultural heritage.