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Who is CUAI? Where did it come from
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**Aboriginal Funders Resource Guide 2014***
Originally developed in 2007 and updated in 2010 from the collaborative work of the Network of Aboriginal Funders of Alberta (NAFA), in which CUAI is a part of. In May 2014, CUAI secured funding from Alberta Job, Skills, Training, and Labor, Workforce Initiatives Branch, Aboriginal Development Branch update this document. It was expanded from 160 pages to 209 pages with the addition of scholarships and bursaries section. 
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January 15-2015: CUAI Policy Document
Intergenerational trauma (IT) and its negative impact on the Aboriginal community are undeniable. In order to make effective and long-term changes in relation to IT, organizations require the stability of at least three to five years of sustainable and confirmed funding. Long term, sustainable support translates to long term, effective and positive impact on the social issues associated with IT.

The Calgary Urban Aboriginal Initiative (CUAI) has been in existence since 1999, following the “Removing Barriers: A Listening Circle” process. CUAI facilitates eight Domain groups, each with a focus on a sector as identified through the Removing Barriers process. The eight areas of CUAI’s work is: Employment, Education, Funding, Health, Housing, Human Rights, Justice and Social Services. Over time, the Funders Domain has witnessed directly the disadvantage to programs as funders move from multi-year funding to yearly project funding, though observations substantiated through discussions and need assessment sessions hosted by the CUAI. Organizations who struggle to diversify their funding sources typically experience huge swings in revenue. This volatility undermines the organization’s stability and capacity to provide consistent, quality programs or services, to develop an effective strategy plan, and to retain invested, experienced staff, conditions that negatively impact program quality and client wellbeing.
In response to various community discussions in Calgary at various tables, the CUAI formed a working sub-committee in 2014 to  research this topic further. The sub-committee completed three documents with six recommendations for action and change. The policy position paper is entitled "A Good Walk".
CUAI is very thankful for the sub-committee members time and energy that went into the development of these documents.
We hope that this information is useful, we are pleased to be able to offer it.
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